Carrollton Group knows that tailoring software and networking to meet the needs of the education sector takes ingenuity, patience and experience. Our clients in education seek us out because we provide products, services and IT solutions that enable acceleration of student outcomes, enhanced teaching efficiency, and improvement in research capabilities.

We bring the technical knowledge and start-to-finish support that is so crucial in the competitive market of software development and networking solutions, all of which is vital to ensure that today’s leaders in education can facilitate transformative action and systemic reform. Every department involved works to minimize intrinsic challenges by incorporating an online strategy to leverage and scale opportunities.

With the skyrocketing costs of higher education, increased government regulation, and diminished public funding, it is more important than ever that educators are efficiently equipped to handle an ever-changing student environment. By partnering with Carrollton Group to develop open source solutions, ERP optimization, and infrastructure, clients in education receive the tools and support they need to continue to mold the next generation of innovators.” .

E-Rate Discount Program for Schools and Libraries

The E-Rate Discount Program helps provide affordable access to information technology and telecommunications services for all eligible K-12 public schools, private schools and public libraries, particularly those in rural and inner-city areas. E-Rate is a provision of the Telecommunications Act of 1996, historically funded at over $2 billion annually to provide discounts in four categories: Telecommunications Services, Internet Access, Basic Maintenance and Internal Connections hardware.

Carrollton is an eRate qualified partner and has worked with many schools in the GNO area.

Contact us to find out how we can help maximize your eRate investments.