Emergency Management

There is no other company in our region that has done more disaster recovery IT work.  From Ivan to Katrina, from Gustav to Isaac our clients have been able to count on our expertise.

We created the official statewide disaster recovery portal, LouisianaRebuilds.info (now GNOInfo.com), fielded over 800 case workers with mobile apps and devices, helped get aid to over 90,000 families across the state and created the system of record for FEMA’s emergency relocation sites (CORE).

From hurricanes to oil spills, there are a multitude of environmental hazards and natural threats that jeopardize our communities, businesses, and homes. We are dedicated to building and customizing the technology and infrastructure you need to prepare for any emergency.

We provide extensive back-up services and secure server hosting for all types of businesses as well as on-call support for when disaster strikes, large or small. Our affordable solutions deliver piece of mind in your business’s time of need.