Industrial Agriculture

The agriculture, forestry, and fishing industries do more than nourish us with food products and non-food products such as fibers and lumber: They boost our economy through revenue; contribute to a positive foreign trade balance through exports; and remain one of the largest industries in terms of total employment in the United States. In today’s digital climate, prospective clients may wonder how technology can supplement their businesses while remaining true to the quality and consumer-driven initiative that makes up the backbone of the agricultural economy.

At Carrollton, we strive to help our clients meet modern industry standards and acclimate them to cope with dynamic market, business and regulatory environments through our technical business processes and solutions. We recognize that a significant opportunity exists in developing areas where advancements in modern digital and mobile communication technologies are needed to facilitate efficient, profitable and sustainable agriculture.

Carrollton creates systems that manage your production from field to table, including growth forecasting programs, shipment tracking and inventory management modules.