Services and Capabilities

disaster_supportDisaster Management
Carrollton was heralded as a key technical driver in post-Hurricane Katrina recovery efforts. During this time, Carrollton developed important technologies to help promote effective communication and collaboration among disaster management agencies, nonprofits, and government entities. These technical components include asset management, data tracking systems, and coordinating directories of service providers. Our revolutionary contextual search tool flexibly finds real-time data for those affected by disaster.

healthcareHealth Care
Carrollton uses a unique combination of technologies and IT process consulting to offer a myriad of advantages to small, medium, and large health care organizations. We have strong partnerships with Epic Systems, Siemens Electronic Medical Records (EMR), and Cerner. Our consultant team has an average of 10 years of experience and expertise working with technical systems related to patient care, clinics, and administrative duties such as billing and scheduling.

staff_augmentationStaff Augmentation
Our team has experience staffing small to large projects with governments, non-profits, non-governmental organizations, and private enterprises. We provide high quality staff with the technical experience to accelerate the development of business operations while avoiding the time, cost, and long-term commitment required for internal hiring and training.

claims_supportClaims Support
Carrollton has staff expertise and technical capacity to oversee and manage a variety of mass tort, class action, and grant programs. Most recently, Carrollton provided the technical oversight for the construction and management of the Deepwater Horizon Economic Claims Center. Carrollton brings cutting-edge technology and capability to the claims industry. We have partnerships with accountants, law firms, and courts to make settlement administration go smoothly.