Discovery and Requirements Gathering

Our development team believes that every project should begin with detailed requirements gathering. This means that we are dedicated to finding out exactly what makes your business tick – and how we can work together to assemble a solution that best fits your needs. We know that a thorough mutual understanding of business processes and requirements definition is the foundation for success. In the early stages of project development, we focus on:

  • Establishing open communication
  • Project scope
  • Project requirements
  • Project milestones

Architecture and Design

Once we know who you are, where you want to go and how we’re going to get there, we focus on system architecture and design. The process involves structuring your business methods and/or information in a way that is user-friendly, dynamic and aesthetically sound. In this phase of project development, some of the tools we provide are:

  • System wireframes
  • Site mockups
  • Functional prototypes
  • Detailed use-case scenarios


The development phase comprises the bulk of your project hours, and it’s a phase we don’t enter until all requirements are thoroughly outlined and agreed upon. Each project is assigned one or more developers with the appropriate amount of experience and skill in relation to the work itself, and our diversely staffed department will ensure that you get the right team to fit your projects’ needs. This stage of the process includes:

  • Communication between project managers and developers
  • System programming
  • Quality/process checks
  • Integration of design and function

Quality Assurance and Training

Once development is complete, the project enters in to Quality Assurance and Training. During this stage the system (or site) will be subject to our rigorous quality control standards. We will simultaneously create custom training guides that will then be utilized in formal training sessions to familiarize you with your new business tool. During this phase you can expect:

  • Regular communication on progress and goals
  • One or more training sessions to familiarize you with your new system
  • Delivery of training materials


Once your new system or site has passed quality testing, we "flip the switch" and go live! From here, we continue to measure performance and revise processes as needed. It’s our goal to assess and rectify problems or issues before they affect you and your clients. During this process we continue to work with you to choose a deployment plan that best supports your project. Some options are:

  • Hard deployment
  • Phased approach
  • Soft launch


Now that everything is up and running smoothly, we want to ensure that it stays that way. We offer routine maintenance and expedient responses to questions or concerns for as long as you continue to utilize our services. Once you’ve entered this stage of development, you can expect:

  • Reliable communication from your Project Manager/Client Manager
  • Flexible billing based on your needs
  • Support from the same developers who worked on your site

Software Development

Choosing Carrollton for your software development, interface and web application needs guarantees that you are partnering with a well-informed team that avoids capricious technological trends, while remaining well-grounded in the fundamentals of solid development. When initiating each new project, we strive to match the technical needs of the project with a team hand-picked to ensure maximum efficiency and success.

Our developers work in tandem with our project managers so that deadlines are met and milestones are achieved at a pace that is beneficial to both client and team. We encourage open communication between our project managers and clients, so that you always know exactly where we are in the development process. Our primary purpose is to deliver a user friendly solution perfectly matched to your needs that will help your business grow.