Services and Capabilities

mobile_appsMobile Applications (IOS & Android)
As more and more of the world goes “mobile”, the demand for comprehensive, user-friendly mobile applications has skyrocketed. Over 129 million Americans (that’s nearly half the population!) have smartphones, and based on an Econsultancy Study performed this year, 27% of companies worldwide planned to implement location-based marketing in 2013.

Our application developers are experienced in both Objective C and Java, so you can be sure that your application will reach both Android and iPhone/iPad users. We can create standalone applications that serve a specific need within your business, or provide complex integration with existing systems. Partner with Carrollton Group to develop your mobile application and expect:

- Custom Solutions
- Concept-to-launch support
- Backwards compatible applications
- Fluid, mobile-optimized design
- Enterprise Distribution hosting services

portal_intranetPortal and Intranet
A viable, robust company intranet is a valuable internal tool to facilitate information-sharing and business centralization. From employee scheduling to policy distribution, a well-built intranet can vastly improve your business operations, automating processes that often take up two of your most essential resources: time and manpower.

Company portals can serve a similar function to link various lines of business or departments together by providing unique points of entry. We have extensive experience with multi-portal integration, and can help you develop a system that will seamlessly strengthen your internal business workings so you can focus on your own client presence! Some of the features we can build for you:

- Centralized File management
- Support Ticketing Systems
- HR Scheduling
- Client Management

web_applicationsWeb Applications
A solid web presence can be a business’ best- or worst – asset. Have you ever searched for a company online, only to find a poorly designed website full of dead links and amateur graphic design? This missed opportunity often results in loss of business revenue – and is a simple fix with the right tools and the right partner!

Whether you are looking for a simple brochure-ware site or a custom developed application that redefines your business, Carrollton has both the knowledge and personnel to help you reach your ideal client base and make a lasting impression. We incorporate industry-standard search engine optimization, expert programming and technical artistry to ensure that whatever we build for you is both unique and accessible.

- Brochure-ware websites
- E-commerce sites and applications
- Custom Programming
- Content Management System Implementation

And it certainly doesn’t stop there – once we have built exactly what you need, we are always there to offer support, training and quality assurance – for the life of your product!

business_process_systemsBusiness Process Systems
One of our specialties here at Carrollton Group is using technology to help you redefine the way you do business. We are firm believers in combining what works on your end with new solutions on ours — and we realize that the right answer is not always obvious. We love learning how you operate! Let our experienced analysts help you identify processes that could use a little updating – they will help you find a technical solution that works for you and your business. We never take a “one size fits all” approach to helping you connect the dots.