Services and Capabilities

low_voltageLow-Voltage Systems
Carrollton specializes in deploying safe and efficient low-voltage infrastructure to meet increasing environmental and business demands. Carrollton installs low voltage systems that deliver consistent, energy- efficient capabilities while ensuring that business operations are secure.

fire_safetyFire and Safety Control Systems
Carrollton supplies and installs fire and safety control systems through its strategic team partnerships. We pride ourselces on our execution in large-scale deployments and campus environments.

building_automationBuilding Automation
Carrollton works with Siemens to deliver environmental comfort and operational efficiency to any building. Through the installation and implementation of Apogee Systems™, Carrollton is able to make buildings environmentally smart, cost efficient, and operationally business compliant.

wireless_systemsWireless Systems
Carrollton deploys commercial and military-grade wireless hardware for a wide range of industrial and governmental organizations in various geographic locations. Our wireless systems are “hardened” and capable of being rapidly deployed into environmentally harsh conditions by our technicians.

security_systemsSecurity Systems
Carrollton deploys an effective security system that works across all environmentally challenging conditions and critical locations. By installing best-in-class multi-point contact systems, Carrollton enables users to interact, connect, and send alerts via networked computers, phones, and wireless devices.

Tower ServicesTower Services
Carrollton provides deployment, construction, upgrade and maintenance services for wireline and wireless communications – within commercial, carrier, public and Federal environments, across North America and abroad. Our teams represent “boots on the ground,” managing and performing tower construction, subsurface cable extension, broadband wireless and cable installation, as well as both tower-top and civil upgrades for carrier infrastructure. With an emphasis and exceptional record for safety, we hire and retain the best of the best to ensure projects are completed on time and as designed, with no surprises.